Our Promise to you

The attention to detail and quality control procedures during the manufacturing of our Marine Range ensures that SLAM garments are produced with the highest manufacturing integrity. However, on rare occasions where a product is found to be defective due to faulty manufacture or materials, we promise to replace or repair free of charge at our discretion.

Garment Care

The SLAM range uses a wide range of fabric technologies to ensure a high level of garment performance and comfort. To maintain the performance of the garment, please refer to the washing instructions printed on the label inside your garment. Use pure liquid soap only; do not use any fabric softeners or biological washing powders. If you need any further assistance, please contact SLAM customer service at: support@slamuk.com.

In between washing your sailing clothing, it is important to remember that salt is a desiccant and will attract moisture. Consequently, all foul weather gear should be rinsed periodically using fresh water (if available) to prevent salt from accumulating. This will reduce the cold, clammy feeling when first putting the garment on and will significantly increase the level of comfort for the wearer. When you have finished using the garments and before stowing them away, ensure they are thoroughly dried. Do not use direct heat or leave exposed to strong sunlight when drying.

Garment Repairs

Through normal wear and tear, there are occasions when a garment may need repairing. Should this occur, we recommend the repair takes place as soon as possible to avoid any further damage. All garments sent for repair must be clean. For further information please contact the SLAM customer service team at: support@slamuk.com.