It's a hard life flying around the globe in client's private jets, being asked at a moments notice to be in St Kitts to rendevous with the owners pride and joy. Your job, to photograph Super yachts.


Mike formed Water line Media in 1985 and has an enviable reputation as one of the industries best. The company has grown to provide photography, video and design services to a long list of household name brands in the marine, luxury, commercial and defense sectors.


Mike loves cameras  ( of course ) and his latest addition is a real beauty. The Hasselblad is the bees knees within the world of professional photography. Although you do need to know how to use it.


So, we will leave you with some of his work. Enjoy


Super Yachts at sunset.


Creating beautiful images in some of the world's most exclusive environments means he has to look his best. Yes, you guessed it, Mike wears SLAM !
On location.
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